WhatsApp is rolling out new text formatting tools for Android users on beta.

The new additions brings the number of total ways you can style your text to seven.

Code Blocks: This feature allows you to display code and other text in organised blocks. To use it, wrap your text in '(`)'.

Quote blocks: This allows you to directly respond to a specific part of the text. You can use it by adding '>' before the text you want to quote.

Lists: If you want to make a bulleted list, start each line with '*' or '-'. For a numbered list, start lines with a number.

Bold: Bold text is usually used to draw the reader's attention to a particular part. You can make text bold *like this*.

Italics: Italics is often used to indicate sarcasm/irony or stress certain parts of the text. To make text Italic, type the text like '_like this_'.

Inline: Perfect for sending snippets of code and formatted poems, you can use it by wrapping your text in a backticks like `like this`.


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