SpaceX Dragon 'Freedom' stuns in captivating flyby under International Space Station

Photo Credit: NASA

The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, named Freedom, gracefully manoeuvres below the flying International Space Station, marking a milestone in commercial spaceflight.

Photo Credit: @SpaceX

Launched from Kennedy Space Center on January 18, the Axiom-3 mission is operated by Axiom Space, the third private astronaut mission to the ISS, and signifies a crucial moment in space exploration.

Photo Credit: ISS

Axiom-3 crew, led by Axiom chief astronaut Michael L’ pez-Alegria, features an all-European crew, including Turkey's first astronaut, Alper GezeravcÄñ, Italian Air Force Pilot Walter Villadei, and mission specialists Marcus Wandt of Sweden and the European Space Agency.

Photo Credit: @AstroJaws

Video footage captures Dragon spacecraft's surreal approach, showcasing Earth's curvature and the vastness of space as a backdrop, offering a breathtaking perspective of the historic moment.

Photo Credit: ISS

Crew Dragon autonomously docks with the ISS at 5:42 a.m. EDT, 400 km over the South Pacific, symbolising a new era in space exploration with private companies playing a pivotal role.

Photo Credit: ISS

Mission Objectives: Axiom-3 crew embarks on a 16-day mission, conducting 30 experiments and engaging in public outreach. Their activities contribute to microgravity research, technology demonstrations, and scientific advancements benefitting life on Earth and future space endeavours.

Photo Credit: @AstroJaws

The success of Axiom-3 serves as a stepping stone for Axiom Space's ambitious plans to launch its own space station, with the first module expected in 2026, showcasing their dedication to the future of space exploration.

Photo Credit: @SpaceX

Founded by Elon Musk in 2002, SpaceX has played a pivotal role in advancing commercial spaceflight. The company achieved several milestones, including the first private spacecraft launch, return from Earth orbit, and crewed spacecraft docking with the ISS.

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