Mangalyaan-2 mission: ISRO’s probe to unveil Mars enigma with advanced orbital exploration

Photo Credit: Pexels

Get ready for India's next leap into interplanetary exploration with the Mangalyaan-2 mission! Scheduled for launch in September 2024, this ambitious project, also known as Mars Orbiter Mission-2 (MOM-2), is set to orbit Mars using the powerful LVM-3 rocket.

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Unlike its predecessor, Mangalyaan-2 will be a dedicated orbiter, abandoning the initially proposed lander component. Equipped with cutting-edge instruments, the orbiter will delve into Mars' mysteries over a planned one-year mission duration.

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Mangalyaan-2 Mission Objectives: It is designed to explore Mars' atmosphere and climate, seeking clues about the potential for life on the Red Planet. However, note that the spacecraft is not designed for a landing on Mars.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Mangalyaan-2 will carry a suite of four scientific instruments, each serving a unique purpose in unravelling Mars' secrets.

Photo Credit: Nasa

This experiment aims to study the origin, quantity, distribution, and movement of Mars dust in the upper atmosphere, providing crucial insights into atmospheric dynamics.

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Utilising a specialised microwave signal, this experiment will explore the layers of Mars' atmosphere, measuring particles and electrons to enhance our understanding of atmospheric composition.

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Focused on solar energy and fast-moving particles in Mars' vicinity, EIS will contribute to unravelling the mystery of how Mars lost its atmosphere aeons ago.

Photo Credit: NASA

By measuring electron density, temperature, and electric field patterns in Mars' atmosphere, LPEX will shed light on the planet's plasma environment, providing crucial data for scientific exploration.

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