Unified Payments Interface, popularly known as UPI has changed the way we pay for things every day.

However, with the increasing number of online transactions, scams have also increased significantly. 

Here are some tips on how to stay safe when making payments via UPI.

Check UPI ID before paying: Before you transfer money to someone, make sure you double-check their UPI ID or ask if the QR code is working or not.

Protect UPI PIN: Your UPI PIN is the gateway to your bank account, so make sure you do not share it with anyone and keep it safe from prying eyes.

Stick to popular UPI apps: While there may be hundreds of UPI apps available, make sure you only use apps from a trusted source.

Check SMS after payment: If you use UPI to pay for something, you need to get an SMS alert from your bank notifying you of the amount that was deducted.


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