From WordPad to Omegle: Tech we bid farewell in 2023

Google discontinued its AR glass - Google Glass Enterprise Edition after the tech giant's vision for hands-free computing failed to achieve mainstream success.

Lenovo also shut down its Legion Gaming Phone business earlier this year. While the devices received praise from critics and reviewers, they failed to compete with popular gaming phones.

Amazon laid to rest its fitness trackers lineup - Halo. The company also refunded users who purchased the device and deleted all health-related data.

Microsoft also waved goodbye to the iconic text editor - WordPad. Introduced with Windows 95, the app will be removed from Windows 11 in a future update.

Another Microsoft product laid off this year is Cortana. The digital voice assistant was designed to compete against Siri and Google Assistant.

Omegle, the popular chat platform where you could talk to strangers online shut down in November.

Hyperloop One, the startup that wanted to revolutionize the way we travel ceased operations after nearly a decade of work after failing to secure any customers.


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