Apple's Ceramic Shield protects iPhone 15 from hard falls; know how it works

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Do you know how the iPhone 15 survives hard falls? Apple uses Ceramic Shield technology to protect iPhones from any damage.

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Apple is highlighting the iPhone 15’s capability to survive hard falls through a weird video-based ad in which it survives a bird attack! While that may raise an eyebrow or two, the spotlight is obviously on the iPhone surviving a bad fall.

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Apple is showcasing how its Ceramic Shield technology protects iPhones from severe damage. The company uses the slogan, “Relax, it’s iPhone” to gain the trust of the buyers.

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However, many of you might be thinking about what is Ceramic Shield technology and how it protects iPhone 15 from damage during a fall.

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 The Ceramic Shield is being developed by Corning who also develops the Gorilla Glasses. The company claims that “Ceramic Shield is tougher than any smartphone glass available today.”

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The Ceramic Shield is made up of nanocrystals which are fitted in glass through a high-temperature crystallization process.

Photo Credit: Apple

Then it uses the dual ion exchange process to improve the ion size which results in increased protectiveness.

Photo Credit: HT Tech

These techniques enable the Ceramic Shield to be bumps and scratch-resistant. 

Photo Credit: HT Tech

According to Apple, the Ceramic Shield of the iPhone offers 4x drop protection to make it stronger than any other phone in the market.

Photo Credit: Bloomberg

And, the latest video ad sends the same message of Apple’s efforts to bring strong and durable products that will survive most accidents.

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