Aditya-L1 mission: India’s solar venture set to reach Lagrangian point L1 on January 6, confirms ISRO

Photo Credit: ISRO

ISRO Chairman S Somanath revealed the anticipated arrival of Aditya-L1 at the Lagrangian point L1 on January 6. This crucial point is positioned 1.5 million km away from Earth.

Photo Credit: ISRO

Launched from Sriharikota on September 2, Aditya-L1 mission, India's inaugural solar endeavor, is gearing up for a pivotal maneuver upon reaching L1 to establish a stable orbit.

Photo Credit: ISRO

Purpose of the Mission: The maneuver at L1 ensures a stable orbit, facilitating continuous and in-depth studies of the Sun. Somanath highlights the importance of the data gathered, not just for India but for the entire world.

Photo Credit: ISRO/Twitter

Once successfully positioned at L1, Aditya-L1 is poised to remain there for the next five years, undertaking comprehensive data collection to unravel the dynamics of the Sun and its impact on life.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Earlier reports indicated the European Space Agency (ESA) playing a pivotal role in supporting ISRO for the solar mission. ESA will provide deep space communication services and assist in testing essential flight dynamics software.

Photo Credit: NASA

ISRO Chairman S Somanath underscores India's space ambitions, emphasizing the need for technological advancement. He envisions the creation of the 'Bharatiya Space Station' in alignment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Somanath says he encourages a strategic focus, acknowledging that while India may not lead in every field, concentrating on areas of excellence is pivotal. This approach aims to position India as a crucial player in the global space community.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

In the realm of space, India recognises the emergence of new actors. Somanath expresses the commitment to support, encourage, and build the economy around the new generation in the space sector.

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